Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Aug. 24, 2015 in Greensboro, NC

Well hey there!

The ladies we're teaching are great, Elder G. taught them while on exchange with Elder C. and Elder K., one of the new assistants. Neither came to church, but they both are reading the Book of Mormon, so that's a plus!!

On Friday we had Zone Conference with the A's and they did amazing! It was super fun, and lots of good revelation was received. Sister A. gave a training all about the hymns that was super good. President A. gave a training on the importance of the Bible and the Book of Mormon together, and revelation was hard core received. There were some other good ones too.  

On Sunday we went visiting a member and his wife.  I was carrying my Bible outside of my bag. The wife answered and told us her husband was unable to come to the door, and that she was Methodist. She then saw my Bible, and had to kind of look again. In the end, she explained that he was sick and asked us for prayers in his behalf. It was neat to see a heart opened just a bit more, and a stereotype broken just a little.

Elder H. and I went on exchange. We taught a guy named M. who was super legit. We also went that night and helped a member finish roofing a house, and it was pretty neat! We put up lots of shingles, but as a result my tennis shoes (which were already holding on by a thread) are totally dead. They still work for service, but I had to buy a new pair for athletics.

Y'all are great! Thanks so much for all you do! Love ya :)

Elder TooBlessedToBeStressed Branch

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Aug. 17, 2015 in Greensboro, NC


We're teaching two new people this week. One is G., she is a preachers daughter and is super open. We had a great discussion about the Book of Mormon! She told her husband as we were leaving "Honey, they told me all about the Book of Mormon and gave us a copy! I'll tell you about it later, and read some to you!" So we are super hopeful for them! Pray that they have good enough health to come to church in the future.

We also met a woman named J. who was a referral from a Sister down in high point stake. She let us in when we knocked, and we got to answer questions about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. After we overcame some of her initial concerns and questions, she was super super friendly and talked to us for an hour straight.  :) We are going back this Thursday, so pray that she will feel the Spirit as she reads the Book of Mormon.

On Sunday our Sunday school class was on "God is not a respecter of persons." I loved the lesson, and even more so because of how well it summed up our week. A couple of our investigators from last week told us to give them some time, so we were trying to find a couple more people to teach. We were blessed to meet 2 different ladies, each in their 70's, that are super nice and interested in learning! The class reminded me of these great women who are looking for truth.. It showed me that God can love and prepare everyone for the gospel, regardless of their age. We talk to everyone, because in truth, anyone could be ready to receive what we have to share. We are excited for this next week to continue to meet with them, and to look for even more people who want to learn more! 

Sunday at dinner, a 4 year old hugged me, professed her love for me, and her desire to marry me. Looks like little L.W. has some competition ;)  I love this ward :)

Anyways, sure love you! Duces till next week!

 Elder TooBlessedToBeStressed Branch

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Aug. 10, 2015 in Greensboro, NC


Hey Hunter and Em, a neat thought came up during church this Sunday. Our lesson was on families and someone mentioned that your siblings are your longest relationship on this earth, because you won't usually meet your spouse until you are 20 or so, and we usually don't outlive our parents. I can't think of 2 people that would be better to know for 70 years on this earth :) sure love ya! 

So this week was actually pretty amazing! We are having more and more success  and I feel that we are really genuinely helping people. I'm loving the ward even more each week, I love being in an area for more than 2 transfers :)

So a couple highlights, we had a super spiritual lesson about eternal families with the Q. family at a dinner. The wife and we were definitely feeling the spirit hard core. She came up on Sunday again, thanked us for it, and started to cry again. They are super nice!! So pray for them please!

We also had a lesson with the S's that resulted in tears. We were reading from where they were at in the Book of Mormon and it happened to be 1st Nephi 18 where it talks about building the boat after the manner of God, and we had a great discussion. We were able to bring one of the absolutely fantastic young men in this ward named M. with us.  :)

Finally we went and visited Sister P., and had a really good visit. She asked "why do people always say God loves you when he gives you trials?" We showed the Mormon Message "Refiners fire" where it talks about trials allow us greater future happiness and it was good. Then we gave her a blessing and it was amazing. I was the voice, and she made it clear she didn't just want a "God loves you" blessing, but a truly inspired one. I don't remember all that was said, but it was very powerful and she said it had answered some specific questions she hadn't even told us about, it was amazing! The spirit #waytooreal :)

We taught R. and he is super great! Pray for him please! :)

Elder Branch :)

Elder TooBlessedToBeStressed Branch

We found a mountain bike trail behind our apartment complex! 
And it has a teeter totter that we are both to afraid to try on our bikes, but I sat on it! :D

Tour de France homage

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Aug. 3, 2015 in Greensboro, NC

Haha, I'm glad you liked the video of us riding our bikes, although that was more of a scream of terror than a wahoo, its really steep! A couple days later when I wasn't filming, we took the path really fast and I hit a little jump and it was fantastic!!

We got another tie done, I now have 3 home made ties, and the other Elders and I all have a matching one :) they are way funny because they feel like cardboard but they look super legit!

Elder G. and I are staying!! :D   Three transfers together! :D    Sad news, Elder L. and Elder P. are transferred :(  but most of our district is still together so we are excited.

We had a really good week. Most of the people dropped us from last week but such is life. We met a guy named R. who is actually friends with a couple 19/21 year old members, and he is pretty interested, so we are super excited to teach him this next Wednesday! Our Zone meeting was fun this week, the Zone leaders based it off sports and talked about consecration and key indicators. We got to help our friends the S's get a new bed from her dad's house, and we are going back by on Tuesday to help some more, they are great!

I love reaching 3 months in an area, because it seems that your 3 month mark is the moment where you know 85-95% of the people and not just by name, but actually who they are, and you start loving them all. This is a fun ward and Elder G. and I are so lucky to be serving here :)

So I have to keep it pretty short this week, I have way to many people to write this week, which is a great thing :) thanks for all the fun emails!!! I loved the stories! Love ya!

Love, Me

Elder TooBlessedToBeStressed Branch

The N. Family - a super great family here.