Monday, October 13, 2014

Oct. 13, 2014 Being transferred from Concord to ???

Hey Yall,

 (The giving, thoughtful, and totally fantastic Sister Watson from the Concord Ward helped with transfers and sent this pic to me this morning. Bless her! She said Elder Branch went to a city called Huntersville.   -zac's mom)

I'm getting transferred from Concord tomorrow! This is bitter sweet because the Concord ward is fantastic and I love the members here so much!! They are all so great! Elder B is also leaving and Elder Z is staying...

 (short break in writing the email to wrestle Elder Z, only to have him pick me up and spin in circles after I tackle him... Yeah, we do this a bit) ;)

... Woah, that was intense... Um so anyways Elder Z will be staying and get 2 new companions. Elder B and I don't know where we're going yet, we find out tomorrow at the transfer mtg. So I will have to let you know where I'm headed :) I'll miss Concord and the people, I definitely want to visit here again someday! It's also a bummer because Concords missionary work is just getting better and better! It's been a miracle just getting to meet so many kind people out here who believe in Christ. I'm excited to meet even more people in my next area, wherever that is ;)

S couldn't come to church this week but she is still looking forward to being baptized. We also have an investigator named E who is really solid and just wants to find an answer for herself. Finally, probably our #1 miracle story this week came when we were at the library on Saturday loading lessons on the iPads with the wifi. The library closes early on Saturdays so lots of people show up when it's closed. Anyways, this one lady showed up and we talked with her about the library being closed. She told us she just wanted to drop off some books and she really needed the bathroom. Elder Z hopped up to help her put her books in the book drop thing and they talked a bit while Elder B and I loaded lessons. She saw Elder Z name tag and asked if he was Christian. He said yes and she said " I'd like to know about y'all's church." We told her we could help with that! She went to the bathroom at a store down the street and then came back and talked to us a bit more. She said that she has always been so hard core Baptist that she never learned much about other churches. Then she gave us her info and told us thanks so much, God works in mysterious ways, God is good, and to make sure not to forget. We told her we definitely would remember and then she went to catch a bus. It was so wonderful! God really is good and definitely works miracles in our lives!

This week was just full of miracles. I absolutely loved our Zone meeting to start it off! There was a talk from President Uchtdorf that was so fantastic! I'm looking forward to getting a copy. I believe it literally will change my mission. I have such a desire to be like Elder Strong from the story. I just wanted to talk to every single person I saw after that talk! And so we did. That was probably the most amazing part of the week, was teaching while finding. We talked to every person we saw, and rather than just giving a brief hello or a pass along card, we really worked on setting up follow up appointments. As a result we found a couple new investigators. And the contacts that we haven't set up appointments with we are going to be contacting to make sure everyone has a chance to hear of the restored gospel. It was amazing this week, because probably 80% of the people we talked to gave us a phone number or address where we could contact them. It was a testimony to me that the work is hastening and that "many people are kept from the truth because they know not where to find it." It is with mixed feelings that I approach this transfer meeting, because I've grown to absolutely love Concord, both the ward and the people in general. But I am excited to go wherever the Lord wants me to for this next transfer. I'm really beginning to find the joy in missionary work and it excites me. The church is true! Thanks for all you do!!

Love Yall so much!! You're the greatest! The church is true! 
Love, Elder Branch

ps. I did get the package from the Dixons! They are so great! I haven't got to write them back yet, I'm super far behind on letters :/  I'm sure grateful for the mail! It's been great!

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