Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Oct. 28, 2014 Huntersville, NC

So Dad, Joel who worked with you took this picture! I remembered his face from meeting him at your work, but actually a brother that knew Elder S from a previous area was talking to us at Stake Conference and told me both Joel and Jared who worked with you were in the stake so I started looking. Joel was in the stake choir so I went and said "Hi"   :)
He is actually in one of 2 or 3 South Carolina areas in the mission :)

Do you remember the H Family from Concord? She is from here and her friends and in-laws live here. We are actually having dinner with them tonight! They are Brother and Sister W and are originally from North Carolina.

Elder K and L live in the same apartment with us. Elder K is a really nice guy and his testimony rocks! He gave a talk in sacrament mtg this last week in the new ward because a speaker couldn't come. Elder L is also really funny, and has wild stories! He reminds me a lot of Scout staff guys and one of my favorite things about him is that he can ride wheelies on his bicycle in his shirt and tie really well, and often gets honked at and waved at. 

Elder S and I are working on getting it down too. It's a great proselyting tool as well, because it breaks up the missionary stereotype, and people will talk with you.

So Huntersville is on a tri-share with the cars so we get a car for 2 weeks and bike for 1. We have been low on miles though so we often do extra bike days. The ward is small, but that actually makes us ride more because we figure it's not too far. We have had some 20-30 mile days here! It's been intense!

We got cookies from Elder S's mom today, and they are good!!! That was super nice of her to include me. :)

We working on finding people to teach and we have ideas we're going to implement to try to meet more people. 
First: "we aren't striving for perfection, we're striving for progression." We can't be perfect in this life, but we can work to be better each day. 
Second: Pray like Alma!
Third: we're going to work on how we find. We're going to talk to 10 new people each day and we're going to find new neighborhoods to meet people.
We're hoping and praying that this will increase our finding. I feel a bit like Alma in Alma chapter 8 right now. He just left Mulek and was preaching in Ammonihah, when they kicked him out. He "wrestled much in mighty prayer", and I have been doing the same. It's definitely hard, but even if all we do is plant seeds, at least we are doing something. 

I think it basically comes down to our sanctification. One of the things I noticed about the Charlotte Central Sister Training Leaders is that wherever they went, they walked with purpose, they didn't just stand around and talk, and they really focused on the work. I want that same kind of energy to be present with me. I do have faith that as we continue to set goals and find people, we will begin to see miracles. 
Well, I love yall lots!!! Thanks for the letters and packages and support!

Love, Elder Branch

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