Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Dec. 29, 2014 in Huntersville, NC

These past 2 weeks have been really good for Huntersville. We are finding more investigators and seeing more miracles. In fact, we have 2 new investigators. One is named D., and we met him knocking doors. He moved to America a year and a half ago from the Dominican Republic, and he feels like God called him here. We taught him the Restoration and he wants to read the Book of Mormon. He's been sick the past couple days, so we haven't been able to visit him, but we keep praying for him and for the Spirit to touch his heart.

The second investigator is a man named J. We taught him the Restoration and he really liked us and the message, but over Christmas he got anti-ed by his Sister. He told her though that he would meet with who he wanted, and that he hadn't seen anything wrong with us. We were able to clear up some confusions about Joseph Smith, polygamy, and the Book of Mormon with him and he wants to read the Book of Mormon! We are super grateful for him and for his courage, and for his kindness to us. We're praying that the Spirit will continue to guide him as we meet!

We also met a woman named J. and her wolf (a husky) :) I was grabbing the mail, and Elder S. was on the phone when all of a sudden around the corner, this giant dog comes pulling this woman. She asked if I worked at the apartment and I told her "No, we're missionaries!" She asked what we did, and so I gave a rundown of the Restoration real brief and talked about the Book of Mormon. Elder S. joined me then and we talked all about dogs and life and Elevation church (look it up, it's wild!) and such. We gave her a Book of Mormon and a pamphlet, and we should be going to visit her and talk more some time this week :) So thank you for your prayers! God is listening and he is answering!
...Before my mission, I'd read the Book of Mormon a number of times, and knew that it was true, but I'd never realized how much it teaches the Doctrine of Christ! I can hardly find a chapter where it doesn't mention something about faith, repentance, baptism, the Holy Ghost, or enduring to the end! I love that the gospel gives us the chance to change and to improve. If my destiny was based of a "Santa Claus, naughty-nice list" idea, I don't know how well I'd do, I'm far from perfect! But because I can have my mistakes erased and forgotten through Christ's Atonement, I can improve and learn to love to live like our Father in Heaven! I'm grateful for a Heavenly Father who loves me and who accepts my best efforts. Jesus Christ lives!!! 

Love, Elder Branch

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