Friday, January 23, 2015

Jan. 19, 2015, in Huntersville, NC

Howdy Yall!

So this week was the week of blessings! I loved the spirit that accompanied each one. I'm grateful that we have the Priesthood today, that we can perform such blessing that comfort and strengthen. Blessings are probably my #1 favorite function of the Priesthood, if I had to choose. We gave 4 blessings the past 3 days, and every one of them have been special. Last night we went and visited H. and S. (the couple who feed us black eggs and make sushi for the grocery stores in the area.) They are from Burma, and they are literally the nicest, sweetest, little couple in practically the entire planet!! I love all the people here so much, and H. and S. are sure something special. So anyways, S. had been feeling dizzy at work the past couple of days, and a couple of days ago she was afraid she almost had a stroke!! We got to give her a blessing, and it was a very special one.

J. didn't come to church. He told us he couldn't in advance because he had his grandkids. We're going to do a church tour with him this week so he will feel more comfortable. We haven't been able to meet with D. because his family has been in town. We're visiting him this week though.  I'm excited to see what miracles are in store this week.

Elder Branch

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