Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Jan. 26, 2015 in Huntersville, NC

Dear Mom and Fam.

You mentioned General Conference talks. I love studying the General Conference addresses, and hearing about them in Sacrament Mtgs. Speaking of Sacrament Mtg, J. came to church yesterday!!!

So for more specifics on J.'s church experience, it all started last week with our weekly planning session. We were trying to figure out how to help J. come to church , and thought of doing a church tour with him. We presented this to him and he was down with it. On Saturday, J., Elder S., Brother H., and I all went to the church. It turns out the Cub Scout Pine-wood Derby was that night, so a bunch of members were there too! J. loves little kids, so he really enjoyed seeing them having fun there. We showed him the building and he was impressed with the pictures on the walls, the fact we don't do a collection plate, and the Spirit in the building. It was a fantastic tour, and we felt the Spirit strongly. J. kept talking about how excited he was, and how he had been praying for a church for a couple months when Elder S. showed up. Elder S. and I gave J. a hug at the end of the night, cause he's the best! He agreed to come the next day, so before church, Brother K., Elder S. and I picked him up. He was super excited, and looked way classy too! He had been afraid because he didn't have a suit or nice shoes, so we told him it would be fine in whatever he came in. Well, he found a classy looking red collared shirt and a gray cardigan and it was sweet! The Sacrament meeting was fantastic, the songs were great, and the speakers were so good!! J. loved it :) The rest of church was also really good, and lots of the members introduced themselves to him. At the end of church he said it hadn't even felt like 3 hours, and that he wants this to be his church!! Finding J. was a miracle. God is so good :)

Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Eternal God. The Book of Mormon contains the fullness of Their word. This church holds Priesthood keys that allow us to access the blessings of eternity. We have a prophet today, and the glorious opportunity to share this knowledge with all our friends, kindred's, tongue's, and people. This I do know and testify of day by day :) I love ya!! You da best!

Elder Branch

ps. Elder S. has some awesome skateboarding skills. The kids in the neighborhood like to learn from him. 

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