Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Feb. 2, 2015 in Huntersville, NC

Saturday morning, Elder S., Brother C., and I got to help Brother S. with a yard project. It was a sweet way to end the week for sure!

Yes, I'm keeping a journal on my mission. I heard a quote recently and it said "It doesn't matter how often you write in a journal, it just matters that you write one." SO I've been doing that, and just writing maybe twice a week while Elder S. is doing district leader call ins, and it's been pretty neat.

Yes, we download videos from the gospel library app and use those (Mormon messages and such). Its way handy!

These past weeks in Huntersville have been very positive. The members are excited about going out teaching with us. Probably the biggest blessing for the area has been J. He came to church last week and this past Friday he accepted a baptismal date for the 14th of February!! Everyone here is so excited for him! Throughout teaching J., I've learned to rely more on prayer and the Spirit. As we pray and plan with the Spirit how best to help J., we have seen Heavenly Father's hand in the work. He has helped us know which lessons to teach, what members to bring with us, and how to help J. come to church. He has also been answering J.'s prayers. The day after accepting his baptismal date, he told us he was reading in the Book of Mormon in Alma 34:3-5 and he felt the Spirit tell him that he needed to get baptized, and that this was the right step! It was the best!!. He loves the Book of Mormon, loves the members, and loves the feeling he gets at church. We are so excited to see him make this, and future covenants. He has some health concerns so please pray for him and his health.

Well, I sure love ya! Thanks for the emails and pictures and prayers!! Please pray for J., and for more people for us to teach! Thanks so much! Ya'll are the best! 

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