Monday, February 23, 2015

Feb. 23, 2015 Transfer to Rock Hill, SC, New Companion, Elder A.

Hello! :D

So Elder S. returned home. I'm so happy you got to go to his report! He's awesome!

I was transferred to Rock Hill, SC and my new comp is Elder A. He is way funny. He's happy all the time and just makes you smile :) There are 4 of us in the apartment, Elder A. who came out with me and was trained by Elder Z. for 1 week before I stole Elder Z.  Elder S. who was trained for 6 weeks by Elder S. and is in charge of special musical numbers for the mission meetings. Elder B. who I was with in Concord!!! Haha, it's way fun being with all these elders that all have tie-ins with each other.   All of the elders I'm with now are big into scouting, so that's pretty fun too.  :)  :)

Elder S. and B. have a person getting baptized next week so that's exciting.

More news about my new area: It's a very different culture here than in Huntersville. We got told twice in Walmart today that we should renounce our faith or we're damned, so it's been pretty wild and we have work to do.

I appreciate your prayers and know God will help us here :) "Do Gods Will and Accept His Timing."

Thanks for the emails!! Yall are the best!! The church is true!!

Love Elder Branch :)

Another picture of J. - love him. 

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