Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Mar. 2, 2015 in Rock Hill, SC

Hello wonderful family!!

Rock hill is going good. So super fun story, I actually got to see J. yesterday! We took 3 new members to a Mission President Fireside yesterday, and Brother B. from Huntersville brought J. and the Sister Missionaries that are serving there now! It was so fun to get to see him! He and I got to talk after the Fireside quite a bit. It was really funny when J. was introduced to President C.! President said "You are J.!? You're famous!!" J. smiled and smiled :) it was great! I also got to see Sister W. from Concord! She came up to me at the end and said "Hi", and to tell you "Hi"   :)  haha, it was so fun  :)  The Mission President Fireside was really good for our new members, especially A. 

We're getting updated iPads so I need to send a whole ton of pictures and notes to myself so that I can download them on my new iPad. So I'm sorry this week is so short! Main story was seeing J. yesterday, and it was sweet! Elder B. and Elder S. also baptized .. last week and we got to go, so that was super great!!! We had a really good weekly planning this last week, and I'm excited to have a great week with lots of miracles!
Thanks so much for your emails. The stories and pictures were all great!! I sure love yall so much, and pray for you each day!

Elder Branch

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