Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Mar. 30, 2015 in Rock Hill, SC

Our week was pretty great this week, because we were able to teach tons of people!! Unfortunately, none of those people are actually progressing!! So please pray for the people we're teaching, that we will be able to teach them and they will actually understand and do. Thank you!

Time is once again short, so I will write quickly and send many pictures!!

So as far as my week goes, we have been showing "Because He Lives" 

(new Easter video) to everyone!! I love the message and how it defines us as a church!! We love Christ and we love His resurrection!!!! :D It has been specially good for this month, because there has been tons of death all around. I feel really sorry for all these people we have been meeting, just in the past month there has been the E's, the S's, a family named the N's, a woman we helped move named C., and more. It's been so sad. I am so grateful for the atonement though, and life after death.

One story. On Friday night Elder S. and I were on exchange and just as we got home for dinner a man stopped us in our apartment complex and asked us if we could help him move a washer and dryer to his new house. We said yes, let the other Elders know, and took off. The man's name was J. and he explained that he was buying this washer and dryer from a woman who had cancer named C. She had to move out of her apartment, so she had to sell it for cheap. We got to C's place and helped bring the washer and dryer to his truck, then took it to his place and unloaded it. He was super grateful, and we were able to share quite a bit about the gospel with him. He's not super interested, but he understands lots more about the church than he used to, and we were excited to plant that seed. We told C. we offer free service, and she asked if we were available the next day on Saturday! We said yes, so on Saturday we got to go help her move with a bunch of her friends! It was a great seed sowing opportunity as well! They were definitely sweet serendipities for us, and just good moments I'll always remember. :)

I sure love yall!

Elder Branch

Helping C. move. (This is Elder S.)

The 4 of us Elders share an apartment. Elder B. is transferring this week. He was also one of my totally awesome trainers back in Concord, NC.

 Helping Bro. B. provide service for an older couple.

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