Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Apr. 6, 2015 in Rock Hill, SC

So on Saturday night right before the Priesthood session, we got a call from our apartment people telling us that the apartment next door had a fire! They got it put out before it burned to our place, but we got some major smoke damage up in the attic, which makes our whole place smell horrible!!! The fun side though is that we get to spend a couple nights in a hotel! So I am currently sitting on my queen bed with free wifi and a TV (which we can't watch) ;) haha, but it's been a fun adventure. So as a result we missed priesthood session of conference, but we were able to catch up the past 2 mornings, so we're good. So I have some pictures from our adventure so far that I will send to you.   :)

I loved President Eyring's talk from priesthood session!! I also really loved Elder Holland's and President Uchdorf's on Sunday Morning! They were the best!! Also, on Saturday afternoon, there was a run of 3 talks by seventies, and all 3 of those were so good!!

We each brought questions to conference that we wanted answers too, and all 3 questions I had were answered in those 3 talks!! It was fantastic!! The one that started it off was actually the one about hearing the music that you sent me the quote of. Conference is just the best, and I can't wait to study all the talks as they come out!! Probably my favorite quote from it all was by Michael T. Ringwood. He said "The service that counts most usually is recognized only by our Father in Heaven... All I really want in life is to please my Heavenly Father and my earthly father." Definitely true doctrine! :) I love the gospel which allows us to change and be better :)

Good news, K. came to conference (new member who's great!). Bad news was no one else came, even though we invited all them and their dogs multiple times, followed up pretty much daily, and even promised them if they brought questions, they would be answered. Ah well, what can you do. We did have some really good lessons this week with M. and also with a former friend we met again named B. He is super great! So please pray for M. and B. 

So when we first taught B. again, another man named T. came up and started talking to us. As it turns out he knows the bible super well, and asked lots of questions about prophets and things. Elder A. and I kind of split up and started teaching each guy individually. I was talking with B., and really listening to the Spirit as to how to answer his questions. We talked about the Book of Mormon, prophets, what modern prophets have taught and all kinds of stuff. He was stuck on the final verse in Revelations, and after talking about all his questions, I asked him "so when was revelations written?" He responded "around 30 years after Christ." "So when were the epistles of Paul?" "Around 200 years.. Oh! Oh wow, I'm gonna have to think about that! Oh man, you stumped me!" Haha, it was way fun!! It was the most spiritual peaceful mini bible bash I've ever seen, and actually really helped the environment of the lesson! Haha, I'm grateful for the Spirit that led that lesson!!

So we did a bit of service this week, including moving in a new family, and as we were moving them, I saw a familiar small blue suitcase and said "Oh! I'll bet you those are temple clothes! " to the other elders. The woman happened to be on the ramp and she heard and laughed and said yes, they were the temple clothes. It was super funny, she had the same case as Grandma Earl. :) Haha, so it was a great and very wild week!!!

Well, I'm sure glad y'all are doing good! Thanks for the emails!

Love ya!

Elder Branch 

Elder B. just before transfers.

In a hotel room because of smoke damage from a fire next door.

 Elder A. in the hotel

Elder S. and his new companion, Elder D.

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