Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Apr. 27, 2015 in Rock Hill, SC

Arrgh!!!!!!!! Sorry, but  my iPad, Deborah, deleted the entire draft of my email I had been working on for the past hour! So sorry, it was super long and brilliant until it got deleted. You get the spark-notes version this week :(sorry yall :/ hope it suffices!

So our week was again, super wild. We had a fire in our oven, and the fire extinguisher put it out but also sprayed powder all over the apartment because it was 10 years old and excessively used.

We also helped move some members this week and between all 4 of us missionaries, climbed a total of 3,600 steps in the process. (My thighs are killing!!) Our sink is leaking. And our church got broken into this past week, and they stole our microphone, our telephone off the wall, and a bunch of magnets in the relief society room that said "charity never faileth." We had church this week with a boom and a microphone hooked to the end, it was super wild!

The work is still kind of slow, no people to church. On the plus side, we met Brother R. this week. We had a fantastic lesson with him, and he wants to come back to church! He has five kids and a wife and he wants to bring them too! We are super excited! We also got a list of members who are available to go out during the week, so we are excited to have them :-)

Love, Elder Branch

On p-day we got to play disc golf

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