Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Apr. 20, 2015 in Rock "Thrill", SC

Hello all!

This past week has been so wild, and I'm not even sure all what happened. I spent the majority of the week with Elder S. because the other Elders were still so sick. Then on Saturday Elder D. and I worked together while the other Elders went to Charlotte because Elder S. needed a shot for Poison Ivy because it has only gotten worse since 2 weeks ago when he first got it. Finally on Sunday we had a flash flood and tornado warning here in Rock "Thrill", so we decided to drive to the college, send in our report, and call it a day.

On Tuesday, Elder S. and I had a big long meeting/lesson/discussion on theology with a Baptist Preacher named M. He invited us back this week to continue the discussion. It was interesting, because he believes strongly that were wrong, and he was using the Bible to point out reasons why, but never once did he find something that obviously showed where we are wrong (because we're not). But neither could we show him anything to "prove" the gospel from the Bible alone. It built my personal testimony of the Book of Mormon, even if he didn't agree. Really that's what it comes down to, is that we have the full truth restored, and we know the way to not just salvation, but exaltation. The church is true because Joseph Smith is a prophet, and Jesus Christ loves us!! :)

Finally, Elder S. and I had a wild service opportunity. We helped bishop and a couple other Elders, along with the Relief Society President move a woman from her house, and it was a humbling experience, one of those that you don't get often. I felt for the woman. She has some special needs and was super nice. She loves cats! We would pick up something and cat hair would just cover us, and float through the air. We had to move a bed, and in the process happened to find 3 cats hiding down under the pillows. They bolted when we uncovered them, freaking us out super bad. One of the men swelled up on his neck from allergies, and I don't know how Elder S. and I survived, considering the day before a couple other cats had totally taken us out. It was a service project that will definitely stick out in my head.

It impressed me to see how happy and grateful the woman was for our help, and how willing these brothers and sister were to help her in such conditions. I'm grateful for disciples of Christ, everywhere, that are such great examples. It makes me think of the talk again of being Truly Good and without Guile.

B. and T. didn't come to church this week, but we are working with them. It's just hard to keep contact with them. Fortunately, we did have a great lesson with B. where we were really able to talk about testimony, and it was great! He believes the Book of Mormon, he believes in prophets, and knows pretty much all the doctrine behind the commandments, now it's really about helping him to learn more. So keep praying for him!

My go to scripture this week has been 3rd Nephi 5:13 from the talk by President Uchtdorf we got a while ago. I love that scripture, and I love that I have the same opportunity as Mormon did to share the gospel.

I sure love all yall! Thanks for the emails and pictures!! :D

Love, Elder Branch


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