Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Apr. 13, 2015 in Rock Hill, SC, Last interview with Pres. C.


B. and T. are doing super great!! Both of them have a desire to learn and learn and learn, and they are super good friends. They have been reading the Book of Mormon, and understanding things even we haven't noticed before in it. On Saturday night, we had one of the most spiritual lessons on my mission. It started off super rocky, due to a super drunk man named wild B., who was talking and slurring words and kept forgetting he had already introduced himself. B. and T. told us to leave and meet them down the street at a field while they got wild B. inside and came to meet us. We tried that, but wild B. followed them. They told us to ignore him, and after a little bit he left (not until he held up his fists and threatened to fight me though) ;) but after that, we were able to talk to B. and T.

They are both facing some deaths in their families currently, and while the lesson started with talking about priesthood authority, it ended up with us watching Because of Him, Because He Lives, and talking about the hope of the Plan of Salvation. It was a wonderful lesson, and we were all emotional and feeling the Spirit. Downside is they still didn't come to church!! That is something we are definitely working on and need members to help, so keep praying for them!!

You asked if we ride bikes or drive a car in this area. So we switch off every week with the other Rock Hill Elders. One week we're on bikes, next on car. We have 650 miles for the month for our companionship, and we have already used tons, so were in trouble! Haha :)

We had interviews with President C. this week, and its wild because it could have been our last interview with him! It was a very good one, and in part he asked how y'all were doing, and I told him about how fantastic you all were, especially when Hunter and Dad helped the lady who ran out of gas and then prayed for their blessings for the service to come to me. President C. loved that story. Also in the interview, he told me what my "role" in the mission has been. He said "You have the gift of optimism, of temperance. You're the steady-Eddie. We speak of Shiblons and Sams in the mission, missionaries who are diligent and obedient without looking for recognition." At the end of the interview, he thanked me for the good things in Huntersville that Elder S. and I helped to bring. He brought me in for a hug, and it was just a really good moment with him, easily my favorite interaction with him :) So thanks for raising me to work hard and be happy! It reminded me of the talk "Truly Good and Without Guile" from conference.  :)

I'm loving the mission more and more each day!! For example this week has probably been the craziest week in the entire planet, with our apartment situation, meetings, and a sickness that took out all the other Elders but miraculously passed me (allergies still got me though, but I just bought local honey, so I'll be good). Elder A. was sick Tuesday night, and is still sick today. Elder S. has poison Ivy on his leg, and got food poisoning one night. Elder D. got sick the day after Elder S., and just got better today. In the past when my companions have been sick, I've been content with the "day off," but not anymore! I was begging to go on splits with the other healthy Elder (whoever it was ) all week, and it was a blast! On top of that, despite 2 elders being out all week, we were able to triple the amount of lessons we taught this week! Elder A. and I started the week with a bunch, then Elder D. and I taught 10 times in one day! Elder S. and I had great quality lessons the next couple days, and we ended with like 21 lessons per companionship!

The next wild part of this wild week, was that Elder D. and Elder S. were assigned talks in conference, but then Elder D. got sick, so I had to give his. But because we were at M.'s house in the morning, we didn't even get to church in time for the Sacrament, and barely made it in time for the talks! The primary sang, and then next thing you know, I'm up at the pulpit with no time to prepare! We received a promise from President C., a counselor to President C., that if we were living worthy of the Spirit, our mouths would be filled. Well mine fortunately was, and I was able to speak for the 5 minutes I had been assigned minimum on charity and I don't even know what else. After church we were able to go back home and perform the Sacrament, after asking the Bishop, and the Spirit as we performed that ordinance was powerful and real, in a way I had never felt as strongly before. I love love love the Sacrament!!!!  :D so yeah, all in all, we lived through this week, but just barely.

Haha, well I sure love ya!

Elder Branch :)

(An older picture of Fountain Park and Elder Branch)

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