Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Mar. 23, 2015 in Rock Hill, SC

This week seemed so long! It was in a good way, we just had tons of different things going on. A member's daughter passed away, and they had the funeral this week, so we were able to go to that and support him. He was shattered by the passing, especially because he is divorced and his daughter was not a member. Instead of our church, they held the funeral at her Baptist church she went to with her mom and step family. It was a very interesting experience to get to attend the service, with their preaching and singing. There was some tension at times in the service and some false doctrine preached like when the second preacher said not everyone is a child of God and that little children are going to hell. That really bothered us!

Nine people were saved at the service, and that was interesting, because even thought there were those moments throughout the preaching where they were sharing false doctrine, when the people went up to be saved, there was a certain measure of the spirit there. It testified to me of the good that can be found in all religions. It also helped to strengthen my testimony of the Restored gospel. I know we are blessed with the fullness of the gospel and the priesthood authority and prophets today, and that because of the Atonement we can live again with our Father in heaven.

We also were able to do lots of service this week, as well as receive wonderful training from Elder Kapischke. My favorite part of the meeting was where he promised us more success as we relied on the members more. I also loved singing the hymn "I'll go where you want me to go". That hymn was so perfect, especially with transfers coming up. Whether Elder A. and I stay or go, I have a strong testimony of transfers and the revelation that takes place to determine where we serve.

We set up appointments this week with a number of investigators for this coming week, so hopefully those go through.

I do know this church is true, and not just partially. God is fair and he is good. There is a Spirit world where people have the opportunity to learn about the gospel. We are all his children, and he loves us unconditionally. Elder Kapischke shared a quote he heard Elder Holland say, that said " I hope that somehow, God has a backdoor opened for my brother Judas Iscariot." What a quote! Charity never faileth.

I sure love you all!! Thanks for your letter!! Yall are da best!

Love Elder Branch

ps. You asked about forsythia plants. We see even more here than in Utah! I told all the other elders about the game, and now we get super competitive. Elder A.'s been awesome at it recently!

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