Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Feb. 22, 2016 in Catawba by way of Fort Mill, South Carolina

Hello All!!

So we just had (once again) one of the best p-days ever!!! We had a zone activity that probs surpassed all others. We went to a place called Sky High in Pineville. It's a trampoline park with all the things a trampoline park should have. It also had a room that had a bunch of lasers all over, and you had to avoid them and get to the other side of the room to click a button. Then you have to make it back to the front and click the other buttons to stop the timer. It was pretty sweet, and we set a record on a tag team round. The best part though was laser tag, it was a party!

Anyways, so now to people's salvation! Our week worked out pretty well. We had some good lessons and even though we only had like 10 lessons, we were able to invite 2 different people to baptism! One of them is a lady named G. and she accepted once she knows it is true! The other is a lady was S. and we are excited for her. We hope to have G. at church next week. I love the spirit that comes as people accept a baptism invite, it is the most electrifying feeling! :)

The C.'s are still good, but we weren't able to see them last week. We also weren't able to see Brother S. or like any of the other people we are trying to teach consistently.

R. is doing great! She is a blast :) Tomorrow night we will be going out with 2 priests in our ward to some appointments, as well as just tracting. It will be fun!

We move back to our apartment probably tomorrow. We got our new beds, and Orkin did an inspection and said we are clean. Hooray! Lets hope it's for keeps!

We are down to the final week of the transfer, and of Elder P.'s training. It has been a very fun, humbling, and special experience to have been able to train him. We are excited for the future of the area!

So other than that, there aren't too many updates for this last week. Life is good!

Sure love all of you!
Elder Branch

Thanks Sister L. for this happy picture of the Zone Activity!   :)

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