Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Feb. 8, 2016 In Catawba by way of Fort Mill, South Carolina

Return of the Sith (AKA: Bed Bugs)

Hi family. So I figure that after that title, you probably want to know what I'm talking about. But you will have to wait as I lay out the many adventures that befell us this past week.

It all began one bright and sunny post p-day Monday night. We were able to go to the Bishop's home and have a family home evening with him, his wife, and Sister B. who is returning to activity. The lesson mainly focused on how to raise kids and help them be independent in a very firm, but still loving way. In other words, Elder Peterson and I just sat there and nodded our heads as they talked, and we occasionally offered quotes about the subject from different General Authorities. Then on Tuesday things continued to be great as we taught different lessons and found a couple people.

Wednesday reared his ugly head and everything came crashing to a screeching halt. In our efforts to exercise, we had gone on a 2 mile run and along the way my left leg was really really hurting. My right felt fine, and eventually the left leg got feeling better, but at about 3 that day, while we were out tracting, my foot started hurting super bad and it was to the point where I was having to limp everywhere and couldn't continue tracting. The foot continued to hurt pretty bad for a couple days, but we called the mission nurse and she gave me some treatments that have helped a lot and it is almost better.

Then comes Thursday night. We had an exchange planned with Elders L. and R. after a meeting on Friday, and as we planned for it over the phone we mentioned that we had had bed bugs. Elder L. freaked out (poor fella already went through fleas with me) and really didn't want bed bugs. On Friday Elder P. got up and looked at his arm, where new bumps had appeared! We decided to look at the bottom of his bed and sure enough, there were like 40 bazillion huge massive red bugs. (More like 12) We cussed a lot and then I looked at the bottom of mine, where there were a couple more. We cussed some more and then called the office peoples. They told us that they would get Orkin back to exterminate once again. We realized that the reason they survived is because we had these special bed bug proof covers on the beds, but when we set them on the bed frames it ripped holes in the covers so the bed bugs were able to escape.

We ended up throwing away our beds, our couches, our chairs, and went and cleaned all our clothes in a laundromat until like 10:20 at night. Then we moved in with the Fort Mill Elders, Elder S. and Elder W. We are staying here for the next 2 weeks while Orkin does chemicals and then checks to make sure they are dead (15 days later) before we go back in. So with this whole update we ended up having very little time to proselyte the rest of the week, but we fit in what we could. We are definitely determined. Recently we have been praying lots more as companions, and our area is on its way back up. I have such a testimony of having the spirit with us as we work, it is just not possible without the spirit.

R. is doing great and life is good other than bed bugs. Thanks for the prayers!

Elder Branch

Sister C. is letting us teach her. :) These were at her house. They are soo neat!

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