Monday, August 4, 2014

Aug. 4, 2014

We got a new companion. His name is Elder Z. He is fantastic! I loved Elder K though too!

Studies have been amazing. Right now I'm in 1 Nephi 12 and it's talking about the vision of the tree of life. Also I have read the book "Our search for happiness" and that is one of the best books I've ever read! You guys should try to read it as a family :) I'm also reading "Our heritage" and it's pretty interesting :)

We are back in Concord and the work is starting to really pick up in the area! As mentioned earlier, we have a new companion and district leader, Elder Z. He's from Orange County California and he says that I remind him of his brother in law :) 
There is actually a guy here from Utah named SB for the summer. We haven't even met him but he's called us a few times now and he has found 2 referrals through selling yard care!!! If we could all be member missionaries like that, then the Church would be going crazy with new converts!

So now for the week: the first half of the week was pretty much spent with the zone leaders. They told me that I'd probably been on more exchanges in my fist 2 weeks then they had been on in their first 4 months! It's been good to learn from them though. 
We got back to Concord Thursday and started working right away. As a result we ended up getting in 18 total lessons in those 3-4 days. (The goal is to get around 20 a week) We've been going out with members and finding new investigators too! We have one new investigator whose name is W.  Our first lesson with him was amazing! My first week here, our companionship had been going to a lesson but the people we were going to meet weren't there. We went around and marinated a bit, and then Elder K felt inspired to knock on this one door. We did and W told us we could come back.  He told us that something just told him to invite us back when we had knocked. Anyways, we taught the first lesson about the Restoration and he was saying that it all made sense. We're really excited to see where that all goes :) We also had a great experience with one of the referrals from SB named D. We dropped by her house late on Friday night with a soon to be missionary from the ward named BJ. She was there but she wasn't feeling good to meet cause she was almost involved with a really bad accident on her way to work today. We got to give her a priesthood blessing and the Spirit was just booming!!! It really strengthened my testimony of the power of the priesthood.

Unfortunately, just like with all good things, there is always opposition. We've probably had 7 different lessons canceled or moved in just the past 2 days, including one with D and 2 others with W. The adversary is real and it's hard to fight against him sometimes, but I know as we keep trying and do all that we can do that The Lord will reward us for our effort. People's agency can be difficult to deal with but I'm so glad we get to. It's been amazing to see the blessings and happiness that comes with the trials. I am beginning to understand what the phrase "The Best Two Years" really means :) 

Love you all so much! The church is true! 
Elder Zachary Branch

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