Monday, September 22, 2014

Sept. 22, 2014 in Concord, NC

I'm stoked for general conference! We will be watching it at the church unless we get to bring an investigator to a members house. 

We got to serve the other day. A family in the ward had us come over and do some yard work on a house they rent to people. I got to drive a riding lawn mower around some and do some weeding and mulch spreading.  We saw a giant praying mantis while doing it! It was bigger than my hand and it attacked a grass hopper! I saved the grass hopper though by knocking the mantis's legs out from under it. It was super wild! Another time we were picking some weeds by some bushes and I felt a plant fall on my neck. I grabbed it and threw it and when it hit the ground it wasn't plants, it was a freaky crazy looking spider!!! I flipped out! It was super scary! But we're good now :) but yeah, that was service this week.

So last week was absolutely ridiculous! We didn't even go shopping so we just had to survive. It made me happy to hear that Sister W wrote you though, they are a great family! The man in the brown shirt and sunglasses that moved us too is C.H. and they are amazing parents!
The new apartment is in a really nice neighborhood closer to downtown Concord and is practically a mansion compared to lots of missionary apartments. We also saw a bunch of neat critters the other night, including a big millipede, a tree frog (I know that Hunter loves those!) and another big praying mantis. North Carolina is a pretty boss state! 

So I forgot but did I get to email y'all about our mission conference where we had Elder Wilson of the Seventy speak? If not, then it was super great! It was 2 weeks ago and he talked with us about the Book of Mormon and the power it has to convert people. One of the things we are doing now in our mission is asking members to read with our investigators. It's brilliant! Our investigators understand it much better and they learn to love reading the Book of Mormon. And once they know the Book of Mormon is true, then everything else falls into place! And then it's up to them to chose the right and be baptized :) It's brilliant! Haha

We got a great new investigator this Sunday! The Bishop introduced us to him and his name is J. He was in Georgia serving in the military until recently. He's awesome and when we taught him it felt really led by the Spirit and was just a good experience. 

Other than that, life here is good! The church is true! Love ya!

Elder Branch

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