Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sep. 1, 2014, Concord NC, Transfer day today in the mission but no changes for him and his companions.

This week we had struggles getting members out to lessons, but we were still able to have quite a few lessons, which was better than nothing!
One of our best days was this last Thursday. On Tuesday we found woman named A that had been on our potentials list and we got the chance to set an appointment up for Thursday. We also found another lady in her neighborhood that same day named S who said we could come back and asked some really deep doctrine questions, like about dealings after this life, our potential to become like Gods and all those other questions! When we went back and visited her, we told her that we didn't know all the answers but we knew the Book of Mormon to be true. The Spirit was able to take over that lesson and direct us as to what we should say and what questions we should ask. It all really boiled down to her and her testimony of the Book of Mormon. We were able to give her a Book of Mormon and she's going to pray about it. 
Our lesson with A just added to our blessings. She was so excited to learn about the different denominations and how they all came about because she had those same questions. She got real excited about Joseph Smith too. Her only question was about the Book of Mormon because she values the Bible so highly that she doesn't want the Book of Mormon to take away. We once again were guided to share some scriptures and she came to understand how the Book of Mormon doesn't compete, it only adds to and supports the Bible. We are planning on visiting her and her husband again sometime soon and talking to him about the Restoration. Life is good and I'm so grateful for the Holy Ghost. Thanks for all you do!

Elder Branch

Our companionship has been quoting the Lego movie and the song recently (they haven't seen it but I taught them the rap ;) ) our favorite line is "Life is good, cause everything's Awesome" :) Life is good, and we are super blessed to have this gospel :) Love ya!

Elder Zac Branch

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