Monday, September 29, 2014

Sept. 29, 2014 in Concord, NC

Hello yall! Time is short this week so this letter will be for everyone. We spent a long day at stores and the mall. It was a pretty great adventure, and we found some super snazzy ties!    :)

I've heard great things about the women's conference, I definitely want to watch it. 

Have you heard of Meet the Mormons? It's a movie coming out about 6 different Mormons and it sounds really great! AND we get to watch it as a Mission!!!!!! We were invited by the First Presidency :D 

We have a Zone Conference this week with our Zone, the Assistants, and President Craven :) 

We saw some amazing miracles in the past couple of days. S will be baptized in October. Also, we have a new family we are teaching and E and K are honest seekers of truth, so we're excited for them. 
This week was full of testimony builders :) It's fantastic :) We have some bad days but it only makes the good days so much better! It started out really slow and we weren't having much success. We had a very spirit lead weekly planning session this Thursday though and after that, we just started seeing miracles!! We found a bunch of potential investigators and talked to lots of our current investigators. All of our lessons felt much more spirit lead as well, and we just got along really well. I'm so grateful for planning, for personal study, and for the Spirit.
Since being out on a mission, my testimony of the gospel has just grown and grown. Literally anyone who wants to find truth will come to know that this church is true, just by study and prayer!  

I'm super excited to see General Conference this week, and to see Meet the Mormons soon. This gospel is great!

Elder Zac Branch

Sure, I'd love to memorize The Living Christ with you too!

I nearly have the Mormon Message: Mountains to Climb memorized. We use it tons with our investigators. It's brilliant. And so is the Living Christ, and the church, and general conference, and everything else!

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