Monday, November 10, 2014

Nov. 10, 2014 in Huntersville, NC

As far as talking to 10 people a day, it's getting better! So on Saturday Elder K and I went on a temporary exchange because our companions were sick. We actually went to a neighborhood we both felt inspired to go to and were able to talk to 12 people! Not all accepted return visits, but 2 did, and we felt the Spirit guiding our conversations in every contact! It was so wonderful!! And such a testimony builder for me. So we will be working hard to continue seeing such miracles. 

That's so great to hear about y'all helping the Sisters! I'm sure they are soooo grateful for your help and your invitations! We're trying to help our members do exactly what you are doing, so that is so great!

M couldn't come to church this week but we will be following up with her. Also, a man named G (he runs the horse rescue place that we help out at), said he would come this week but he wasn't their either. We will be following up and trying to help him as well. We did have a Spanish speaking man come to church and we will be bringing a Spanish speaking member with us to a lesson tomorrow. So pray for him! His name is L.      :)

I loved your spiritual thoughts! God is hastening His work, and it is our choice whether we want to join Him and help out or not. Love you so much! Thanks for the emails!

Love ya!

Elder Branch :)

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