Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June 1, 2015 in Greensboro, NC

Hello Family!!

J. was in the hospital this week, so Elder G. and Elder P. visited him on exchange and gave him a blessing. He is getting better and we have a lesson with him tonight with some friends.

I was on 2 days of exchanges with Elder L. and then Elder R., and I just love all the missionaries in this mission! Elder P. left me a great note for when I got home.

I definitely agree with dad where he said some of the most fun parts in church service are getting to be with your friends and brothers/sisters. 

So we had a Zone Conference this week, and it was the Craven's last real training with us. It was super good, and super tender. They pretty much touched every part of Preach My Gospel missionary work and tied it all in to our future even after our missions. Then President gave a great training about doctrine (the what), principles (why), and application (how). He talked about how doctrines and principles in the church never change, but applications may. He then tied it in to how the second the Alexanders arrive, they preside, and how even though things will change here, it will be for good, and it will be alright. He committed us to keep moving forward.

It made me think of how sometimes a great young women's leader or a scoutmaster will be changed and how you may hear people cry or reminisce on how great they were. But sometimes we forget that the people who are called were called by revelation, and they will do a wonderful job too, if we give them that chance. It will be sad to lose the Cravens, but I am looking forward to the Alexanders too.

Thanks for the emails and fun stories, I sure love ya! God is good!

Elder Branch :)

Life has been grand here, we just got done playing soccer in the gym for p-day (normal soccer, not chair soccer), and it was a party! 

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