Wednesday, June 17, 2015

June, 15, 2015 in Greensboro, NC

Dear Family,

You asked when the Cravens are returning home and the Alexanders are arriving. Haha, funny thing, the Cravens called last Monday and wished me a happy birthday! I asked about them leaving and Sister Craven said that the Alexanders come on the 29th, but she didn't say when they leave. From what we have heard though, the Cravens only get probably one day with the Alexanders. They have been very hush hush about it, which is a lot like the cravens.  :)
We had a good week this week. We are doing a "missionary mingle," essentially we are going to a members house and sharing a 10-15 minute message about Jesus Christ, then we are going to have refreshments and socialize. We are inviting lots of friends, so we are excited for the turnout.
One good thing that happened was every Priest graduated! So on Saturday lots of them had graduation parties (did we have one when I was graduating? They make graduation a HUGE deal out here, and I don't remember it being as big at home), and anyways, we were invited to one that had some new friends there who we got to meet! It was a great way to introduce ourselves and hopefully have a future family home evening with them or something. One other fun story was that an elementary school across the street from our church got to hold their 5th grade graduation in our gym, and we got to usher. We didn't get any new friends names there but it was still great to have 500 people all inside the church for the first time!

So on Sunday, Elder G. and I were at church waiting for ward council meeting, while Summit's sacrament was happening. At about 11:30 these 2 guys and a boy walked in and asked where they should go. Turns out they were invited by some Summit ward members who play basketball at the church Wednesday nights to come to a service!! It was so fun to see them show up, and we hope that they follow up with the Summit Elders :)

Things are continuing to happen in Summer-field, and we are doing our very best each day. We know as we continue to plan diligently and look for those who are prepared, we will eventually find those who will receive us and we will be able to feel the joy the gospel brings to their lives! Thanks for all you do!

Anyways, thanks for the fun stories!! I sure love y'all!!

Love, Elder Branch

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