Wednesday, July 1, 2015

June 22, 2015 in Greensboro, NC


Elder G. and I survived transfers, we are staying in Summerfield.

I got a letter and tie from Wilson and Angie for my birthday/hump day!

We did get to go Mountain Biking today which was a blast! It was super
intense, but I never ate it.

We had 0 people come to the missionary mingle, and only had 6 lessons,
but the plus side is that we are probably going to teach 40 thousand
lessons this week   :)

So we did see a couple good lessons this week. We met a woman named
P. who was super great, but she lived in another area. She was
super prepared though and had lots of questions. It was super fun to
meet her. We also have a lesson tonight with a man we met named V.,
so we are praying that goes well!

Anyways, it will have to be short this week, but thanks for all your
support! Hope trek is great, and you all live! ;)

Love ya!
Elder Branch

 p-day mountain biking

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