Tuesday, July 21, 2015

July 20, 2015 in Greensboro, NC


Thanks so much for the fun pictures!! I love them!

Our week was pretty good. We were able to teach a lot more than we did last week, which was really good. We didn't find any new friends, so our teaching pool is still pretty small. We are going to work on that this week. We are excited for interviews with President A. this week!

We got to go see the S. Family this week and had a great visit and committed them to read the Book of Mormon all the way through by the time Elder G. and I go home. Their daughter left for youth conference the next day, and then on Friday we got a call from Sister S. telling us that her father had passed away. It was rough. We went over on Saturday night and had a plan of Salvation lesson and it was so good. It really strengthened my testimony even more of the Savior.

Another wild story was on Saturday. We had a friend named P. we had been praying for, and when we dropped by she invited us in. We didn't have another male though so we couldn't go in, so she came and stood outside for a bit. She all of a sudden told us that she was a member and had always loved the gospel, but had just been away from it for a while. She doesn't want us to tell the ward yet, but she is working her way back, so we are super excited!! So pray for P.!

Final story. Yesterday we went and visited some former friends and they were way funny. They showed us a bunch of swords he had, and they were great! So those pictures will be coming your way as well. Thanks for the letters! I love the family blog posts! Hope all is well!

Love, Elder Branch

Elder TooBlessedToBeStressed Branch

We made ties!

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