Wednesday, July 1, 2015

June 29, 2015 in Greensboro, NC Our first week with our new Mission President

This week was good, we do have a couple missionary experiences to share. This week we have spent lots of time trying to find people to teach, as our investigator pool is mostly empty right now. We found a number of people who invited us back, but for one reason or another, we weren't actually able to meet with them and start teaching. It has made me feel a little down, until I was reminded that every testimony we bear out here is recorded in heaven, and every seed we plant will someday help those people accept the testimony of the gospel :) So all in all it has been a good week. Yesterday we did have a great contact with a couple named D. and L. They were just about to walk down this running path, but the woman was fixing something in her shoe. Just as she got up and they were about to head off, we felt prompted to talk with them. We called to them and asked how their Sunday was, and were able to talk with them and get their address so we could come by. As we were saying bye, D. said "It's a great man you represent, Jesus Christ." It was fun that he recognized us as representatives of Christ and just more evidence that God puts people in our path, we just have to be watching for them. :)

On the random story side, our investigator L. was able to come to Sacrament meeting! The reason that it is a random story is because we aren't sure if he is progressing still, we believe that he may consider himself a prophet, and that he feels he is "above" the gospel. The stories he tells us about his visions he has are pretty fun though!  ;)

I haven't got copies of B.'s emails, I would love her email please if possible though :) Her companion is actually friends with Sister S. in our district here though, so Sister S. has kept me updated on what her friend has sent. She said that they have had all kinds of apostles and such speaking, and I am way jealous!!

Elder H. and L. are still here, hooray! I'm super glad they are still here! Elder P. is now companions with Elder S. who came out with us, and was in Elder LaRue's district in the MTC, so all 4 of us Elders are gonna have a party call-in or something on hump day :) 

Anyways, thanks for the letters!!! Hope the week is grand! Love ya!

ps. This week is our first letter to President Alexander! We actually meet them on Wednesday.

A few of the things we saw while out finding people to teach.

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