Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July 27, 2015 in Greensboro, NC

Hey there!

Yeah, so with the new trainings and such, we are given the option to make Blogs! I decided to give it a try, it always seemed fun!   :)      It's called "A Branch in Israel" - here's the link.  
A Branch in Israel  

We were able to get P.'s phone number this week so we are meeting with her next week :) we also saw some crazy wonderful miracles this week that we are so excited about! We were really blessed to be led to prepared people all week, I will highlight a couple.

So on Wednesday we were over near a friends place and talked with her for a bit. Then we started walking around the apartment complex and there was a woman out on her porch on the second story, so we started talking with her. Her name was W., and she was great! She has just started getting into a church here, it took her a while to find one, and she is interested in the Book of Mormon and learning more. Then on Thursday we got a referral for a woman named J. who the Lakefield Sisters met! She said she wants to be baptized and we get to go teach her today with a member couple!! She actually lives in our complex, how about that. We met another man named H. who lives in our complex and has lots of questions about the Restoration and how to receive spiritual answers.

On Friday we met S. while trying to contact a girl named A. She said she had been up almost all night "thinking." We asked why and she said it was about family troubles. We testified of our message and she is super super interested! We are going back on Tuesday night when we are on splits. She is 21 and said she wants to make her way back to God. It's always a good sign when people say "will you really show up?? Good!"

So last night, we were out trying to find just a couple more people this week, and we were in some apartments we hadn't been in before. We saw a lady down at the end of the street sitting outside with a dog. We went and talked with her, but normally all situations like that (a person, outside with a dog, watches us walk up) usually don't go well. But she was super nice and we had a great conversation! It was totally lead by the Spirit!! We gave her a restoration pamphlet after talking for quite a bit, and as we explained it she got really interested, so we are following up with her and her husband on Friday. :)

Interviews with President were super! He likes Elder G. and I, and we are hoping we may stay together again.

Thanks for all the stories and the prayers! Good things are happening! We love ya!! :)

Love, Elder Branch
Elder TooBlessedToBeStressed Branch

Oh also, a CTR class from home sent me letters. They are great!! I'm definitely hanging them on my wall of inspiration.

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