Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Aug. 31, 2015 in Greensboro, NC on Elder G.'s birthday

So today is Elder G's birthday!! He doesn't like parties so he wouldn't tell me the specific day, but I managed to buy birthday cake Oreos without him seeing last week so it was fun.  ;)

We went to the Guilford Court House Battlefield Visitors Center today, and it was super neat!! They had tons of revolutionary war artifacts, and it turns out it is technically a National Military Park.

Our week was fairly decent. Brother R. drove us around today for shopping, and we are going to go back this week and play some guitar with him. We got a referral for a man named D. but haven't been able to contact him since, so that's a bummer. At least he has a Book of Mormon now. I'd say my favorite part of the week was on exchange with Elder S. We were in his area, but we were just super busy and had lots of great lessons. Back in our area, Elder G. and Elder L. saw good things too! I love exchanges, because we always see wonderful "exchange miracles."

Dad (Oh man, that was bad! I just typed "Brother Branch" and "Elder Branch" before I finally got it right!) mentioned in his letter how we are staying optimistic, and we actually had a conversation about it last night. Sometimes in missionary work we don't have much control about what happens. In the end it sometimes comes down to timing. That doesn't mean we can't find people, and that doesn't mean we have an excuse to be disobedient, but at least it helps explain why we struggle so much sometimes. So we are just continuing to pray and work and hope that whoever we are meant to find, we will find, and until that happens we will just keep trying.

We have been having good dinner messages focused around inviting people to learn of Christ and His gospel, and this coming week we are both speaking in Sacrament meeting. We are fasting and praying for the members, that as they open their mouths, they will know what to share with their friends, and that their friends hearts will be receptive to the invitations they extend.

Sure love y'all!!! Thanks for the emails!

Elder TooBlessedToBeStressed Branch

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