Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sept. 14, 2015 in Greensboro, NC

Hello everyone!

So transfer calls came, and Elder G­­­­­­___ is leaving. Elder H___ will be getting a new companion down in the Guilford area, and my new companion will replace Elder G___ as the district leader. Plus side is that I get to be here for 6 more weeks, for a total of 6 months! Yeah!

So this last week was absolutely wild and crazy. We were trying to work in both areas which resulted in lots of chaos. We also had to clean up the Guilford apartment hard core, because it was a mess! So between all that, we don't have many new updates on the people. We are hoping to have a church tour with G___ and S___ this week, and we are going to work hard with my new companion to find (hopefully and/or faithfully) loads of new friends.    :)

We did get to teach B___, and she is way neat! She never was raised in a church and says she is liberal and doesn't like when Christians accuse people's beliefs as 'sins'. A soon-to-be missionary who lives in the ward and I got to teach her the Restoration and she asked tons of questions. At the end we asked what all this would mean in it were true, and she responded "it means I have a responsibility, which honestly scares me a little." We invited her to pray, but she was pretty hesitant at first. At our zone meeting just a couple weeks ago, sister P___ gave a training where she compared us inviting friends to pray to having someone ask us randomly to sing a solo. We would probably be afraid and worried about "performing," and she talked about ways to help them overcome the fear and understand what prayers really are. So when B___ was hesitant we were able to simply teach her how to pray, and she then offered the prayer. It was so simple and honest, and afterwards I could feel the Spirit booming. We shared that with her, and she committed to continuing to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. So pray for her please!   :)

So recently President A___ has been emphasizing how if we elevate our studies, we will elevate our teaching. So today I had a really good study about being temperate, and what it really means. My favorite thing I learned was in Corinthians. It talks about how those who strive for self mastery are temperate. It reminds me of Jesus Christ and how much control he had all throughout his trial and crucifixion. He was in absolute control the whole time, and never fought back or responded to the threats and abuse. I want to pray and develop that spiritual gift myself, I know that it is one of the most important spiritual gifts for all of us to develop in order to bless ourselves and our families!

Other than that, the rest of our week can mostly be described in pictures, so I will include those there. Thanks for the fun stories and emails!! Y'all are the best! Luvs!

Elder TooBlessedToBeStressed Branch

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