Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sept. 21, 2015 in Greensboro, NC A new companion in Greensboro

Hello!! I'm glad y'all got the pictures and everything, we made sure to get a picture of our new companionship this week.

So my companion is Elder J___ . He is from South Salt Lake City, in fact he is pretty close to your work, mom. He is 23, and he has only 3 months left on his mission! He is super not trunky though and we are ready to work hard!! Back home he was sponsored in Skateboarding and Snowboarding, and he has a skateboard with him. This makes my second companion who is a sponsored skater, I'm going to be a good sports videographer by the end of my mission. We are getting along super well.

So this last week we made a plan for moving forward with the work here. We talked about it with President A___ separately in our interviews (which were also this week), and he just encouraged us to figure out how to find friends to teach. To help us, we went on google maps and made a whole bunch of pins on all the people we'd taught, so that when we are in an area, we can pull that up and see exactly who is around us. It also helps us tell which areas are never visited. We were also able to have some good visits with some members, and came up with a bunch of people they want to help introduce to the gospel, so we are making plans there to follow up with them.

We weren't able to contact B___ this week, but we are going to give her a couple more try's. We also couldn't see G___ and S___. We did get to talk to a maintenance man for our apartment a little though when he came to fix our sink. It was super funny, he told us he probably believed 90% of what we did, and told us he was Jehovah's Witness. Then he asked if we believe in the Trinity (they do not), and when we said "no" he was super surprised! (In my head, I was like "95%"). So that was a pretty fun seed we got to plant :)

Wow, I sure loved the email updates this week! It was one of my favorites! Glad to hear all is going well, I sure love you guys! Thanks for everything :)

Elder TooBlessedToBeStressed Branch

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