Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Sept. 8, 2015 in Greensboro, NC New companion joins us at least for the week until transfers

Hello all!

We had a wonderfully wild week here as well! But first off, thanks for the stories about sacrament meeting, they were great! In our ward we had 3 different prayers offered that specifically prayed for the missionaries in S., and in one of them the Sister even said our names!!! First time I have ever had that at church on my mission. We heard a quote that said "people love hearing their names, especially in prayer," and boy is it true!

We are still teaching G., her and her husband watched BYU TV this weekend since they didn't come to church. It's a start in the right direction! ;)

So we have had a couple good positive contacts this week, and we are excited to see where they lead. One of them was with a man named B. We met him in the apartment cyber cafe. He was super friendly! He asked us to pray for his son to choose the right. He went to seminary for his church, but is currently non practicing and loves to learn more. He is mainly searching for truth. He said to stop by in a couple weeks when they have finished moving some stuff in to their apartment. We gave him a card with our number and told him to call us so we could help them move in. It was really exciting though because of just how open and friendly he was. He kept complimenting how we just seemed honest and trustworthy. He mentioned the word "light" a couple times too. It's amazing how people recognize the difference, but don't quite realize why. It reminded me of the women at the beach in Oregon before my mission who approached us and asked "are y'all Mormon?" I love this gospel!

Another woman we met was named B. We were in an apartment complex to meet with a friend but they weren't home. We were just sitting on a curb talking for a bit, and had just gotten up to head home for the night (8:50 ish), and a woman came outside to walk her dog. We were able to talk with her for a bit, and she actually knew that we were missionaries, and was totally down with having us come back! So we are hopefully seeing her tonight :)

Finally, wild story. Elder C. hurt his knee about 2 weeks ago and they think it is a torn meniscus. So he had to fly home yesterday and Elder H. was transferred over to our companionship for the next week until transfers. It is super fun to be companions with him, but it was sad to see Elder C. go too. We are excited for this week though, and we want to tear it up! :D

Elder Branch

Elder TooBlessedToBeStressed Branch

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